Sarah got married! 💒

Sarah got married! 💒

My little sister got married on 20th January 2024 and she helps me out with website bits, my monthly newsletter and basically being my right-hand woman! So, I decided to ask her some questions about her wedding and wedding planning 🤍

What was your favourite part of planning?
I think my favourite part was going wedding dress shopping. It felt like a game of dress up just trying on all the different styles and seeing what I liked. I went with my sister, mum and grandma and it was really fun!

What was your favourite part of the day?
Having all our closest friends and family celebrating with us and watching the boys dance, they were the best entertainment.

Did everything go to plan?
Yes. To be honest we didn’t have too much of a solid plan we just went with the day, we wanted it to be really chilled and not stressful at all.

Do you miss the planning at all?
Not really, as much as I enjoyed it I’m glad it’s all done!

Any regrets? Did you spend on something you didn't need/use or anything you wished you had?
I don’t think so. We kept it quite minimal so everything we had was used and we had everything we wanted. We had the best time and it was a really nice day/evening

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